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The Boondocks Mixtape (Season 4) – “Everyone From Killer Mike & Troy Ave To Smoke DZA Celebrate The Final Season”


Are you tired of the same ol’ music? Could your music playlists use a serious boost? Love new tunes but balling on a tight budget?

Today, check out the top five reaosns you need to get your hands on the new The Boondocks Mixtape (Season 4) presented by DJ Drama, Don Cannon and Trendsetter Sense! Make sure to reach each reason to get your free download!

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De La Soul x BitTorrent’s ‘Smell the DA.I.S.Y’ Bundle : “This Is Dedicated To The Life & Work Of J Dilla”


Are you a fan of the classics? Could your music playlist use some vintage tunes with a modern vibe? When is the last time you paid your respect to the late J Dilla?

Today, peep the BitTorrent Team’s top five reason you need to check out the new De La Soul x BitTorrent: Smell the DA.I.S.Y mixtape! Make sure to read each reason this is a must-have to download your own free copy!

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Kevin Gates’ ‘By Any Means’ – “Boosie Comes Out Of Jail & Now Kevin Gates Is Putting It Down For Their City”


Are you still stuck listening to songs from last year? Haven’t been impressed with what you’ve heard since the New Year began? Gotta get some new tunes into your music stash?

Today, check out the top five reasons Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates’ By Any Means mixtape is a must-have!

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Soulja Boy’s ‘King Soulja II’ – “Drake, Migos, Lil B & More Lend A Big Helping Hand”


It’s time to say goodbye to these cold winter days and officially welcome in spring with some hot music. Could your music playlist use a boost of freshness? Still stuck on those ’13 songs?

Today, check out the top five reasons you need to get your hands on Soulja Boy Tell Em‘s new King Soulja II mixtape!
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