Case-Mate’s Wireless Power Pad Charger: “Simple Design W/ Serious Power For Team Apple & Team Android”



Always running low with your phone’s battery? Need a convenient way to charge up? Want to enhance your desktop and workplace goals?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy Case-Mate’s new wireless Power Pad charger!

Reason 1: Ridiculously Fast

The first reason you should buy Case-Mate’s newly released wireless Power Pad charger is because it charges with extreme quickness. It’s no slight to the phone company you bought your mobile device from but the weak charging plug you get for dropping around $1,000 just doesn’t cut it in a society where your phone has pretty much replaced your computer, laptop and tablet/iPad. Let’s face it – your phone is more important these days than your wallet or purse. Which means having serious charging power is a necessity – not a regular plug which is going to take a solid two hours before you get to 80 percent charged. The Power Pad gives you an enormous energy and power boost after just a few minutes. To better illustrate this point, just look at the facts. The Power Pad engages Qi-enabled devices at the highest charging speeds possible, including 7.5W of power for the latest Apple iPhones (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X) and 9W of power for the latest Samsung devices. If you’re tired of long waiting times to get your phone charged up, then look at what Case-Mate is pulling through with. [For more info, visit:]

[This Power Pad brings harmony to both Team Apple and Team Andoid…]

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