Blindspotting: “Movie Of The Year”



Tired of not having anything to do? Need a reason to hit the theaters this weekend? Gotta clock in some friendship goals with your day ones?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go check out the new Blindspotting movie as it arrivers in limited theaters Friday, July 20 and nationwide Friday, July 27. Check out each reason and enter to win your own Lyft gift card!

Reason 1: It’s FX’s Atlanta But In Oakland

The first reason you should go out and see Blindspotting Friday, July 20 is because this is almost the exact equivalent of going to see a full-length version of FX’s “Atlanta” only based out of Oakland. Most films and passion projects probably hate comparisons no matter how great they are because they enjoy standing on their own merits and originality – and while Blindspotting has both, the best way to describe its utter genius is comparing it to one of the best, most real and relatable TV shows out – Donald Glover’s “Atlanta.” If you’re a fan of that type of humor, jokes and realism, then look no further than Blindspotting.

[Don’t let the trailers fool you…]

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