BET Presents Music Matters Vol. 1 – “Me…Marsha Ambrosius, J.Cole, Bas, There’s So Many Diverse Artists”

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BET MM Artwork
Ready to hear some music from the likes of Big Sean, Miguel, Mack Wilds all on ONE album? Want to hear who BET is tipping as the hottest talent? Louder Than Life/RAL has partnered with BET Music Matters on a new compilation album series entitled BET Presents Music Matters Vol. 1

Today Mack Wilds gives you 5 reasons why you need to get a copy of BET Presents Music Matters Vol. 1!

Reason 1: A Diverse Line Up

It has a diverse line up of artists who share the same passion for music. First of all, shout out to BET for even implementing something like Music Matters! It really shows the sounds, textures of music that we have right now. There’s so many different artists that sing differently, there’s so many different waves. You have people like me, people like Marsha Ambrosius, J.Cole, Bas, there’s so many diverse artists a part of Music Matters and I think the album truly shows that. [Your CD awaits! Keep reading.]

Reason 2: A CD For The Guys AND Girls

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