BBQ Dragon – “It’s The World’s First Charcoal Accelerator & Gets You Ready For 4th Of July Partying!”

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Are you ready for some summer fun? Tired of the same boring grills? Ready to get your Independence Day grilling on?

Today, check out the top five reasons you need to get your hands on a BBQ Dragon charcoal accelerator! [Make sure to read each reason to win your own!]

Reason 1: Easy As 1-2-3

World’s first charcoal accelerator points a steady stream of fire-fueling oxygen directly onto your BBQ to get it ready to grill in under 10 minutes. BBQ Dragon takes a simple concept – adding oxygen to fire – and puts some power behind it. Have some fun this Independence Day! It’s the world’s first charcoal accelerator and gets you ready for the 4th of July partying!

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Reason 2: Late Father’s Day Gift!

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