Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2

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Asher Roth is back in a revisit of his first project “The Greenhouse Effect”, with his new release hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon titled “The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2.” The Philadelphia based artist has experienced the highs and lows of the music business thus far in his career but is still a gifted emcee with a huge support system via his dedicated listeners. Asher has brought along some special guests this time around and sounds truly rejuvenated for this exclusive drop.

Here are the 5 Reasons to download “The Greenhouse Effect 2”.

1. Drama and Cannon Classics

DJ Drama and Don Cannon have linked up for numerous mixtape bangers. When those two co-sign a project it definitely adds a big stamp of approval to it.
Drama and Cannon have a classic mixtape discography which includes the likes of Young Jeezy, Young Buck and Beanie Sigel. Back in June 2008, the two popular deejays released Asher Roth’s first drop which was met with great reviews and basically jump started his career. Now five years later the dynamic duo hosts Volume 2 of “The Greenhouse Effect.”


2. The Rebel

Asher was dealing with a lot of frustration regarding his label situation up at Universal Music Group and Def Jam Records. He has decided to break free of label restraints and do his own thing. No more middle man, just a direct connection to his loyal fanbase. Asher has dropped indie projects before to critical acclaim such as the 2011 “Pabst & Jazz” plus a project produced entirely by Norfolk, VA producer Nottz “The Rawth EP” a year earlier. Many new artists are taking this approach as the internet has allowed more artistic freedom and the opportunity to create music without a radio driven formulaic approach. With this move, Asher can focus on making the songs he wants and without the chains on him, “The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2” has the sounds of a invigorated artist at his very best.

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3. True Talk

Asher wins because of his honesty. He has never fronted like he was something that he wasn’t. “The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2” is a dope collection of party jams, introspective lyrics, creative sounds and hooks. Songs like “Apple and Bananas” and “Girlscout Cookies” show Asher’s more humorous side. Everything isn’t fun and games though. Asher gives insight into his mindframe in dealing with some of the difficulties he faced in the business. For instance on “Pearly Gates”, Asher vents on the foulness and politics of the industry.

“Yo they thought I made a million dollars off I Love College/
Got a model, full ride them then retire to Bahamas/
I probably should’ve, my goodness, no idea what I have put up with/
Bunch of lame excuses from the suits up in the music biz/
Listen to what Q-Tip said, “game it be the shadiest”/
Keepers at the gate, what it take for you to play my sh*t?/
I’ve been super patient, watching dudes get in my lane/
But lets be honest for a second, we all know we’re not the same” – Asher Roth “Pearly Gates”


4. Mix It Up

“The Greenhouse Effect Volume 2” switches up between original production such as the Hi-Tek produced “A-One” and current instrumentals like the French Montana and Nicki Minaj joint “Freaks”. The combination gives listeners an chance to hear some exclusive new joints plus hear Asher go ham over some of today’s hottest soundbeds.


5. Features

Asher has gotten some big names to pitch in on this new drop. Lil’ Wayne adds a verse on the Eddie Murphy sampled “Party All The Time” produced by Oren Yoel. Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Rye Rye join together on the “Actin Up” collabo. “Eggs Florentine” features the talents of King Mez and Remy Banks. That joint is blazin’ and is produced by Roofeeo complete with vintage cuts and scratches and a nice Big L sample. Other production comes courtesy of Dave Sitek and YMNO on this twenty-two track mixtape.



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