World Gone Wild – “This Is The Ultimate End Of The World Movie Guide”

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Are you a movie fanatic? Did you love movies like Independence Day, World War Z or even the Terminator? Wanna know how to survive in a post-apocalpytic movie scenario?

Today, check out author David J. Moore’s top five reasons you need to get your hands on his new World Gone Wild book! [Make sure to read each reason to win your own copy!]

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With The Other Woman DVD hitting a store near you this Tuesday, July 29th, we’re taking a look back at the music evolution of the Harajuku Barbie herself, Ms. Nicki Minaj.

Making her first big screen debut in The Other Woman alongside Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and model turned actress Kate Upton, Nicki’s role as Lydia is a reflection of her ever changing style. From her kookie outfits and wigs to her cartoony facial expressions, Nicki is a constant character. This is most evident in her wide range of music videos.



Below for your viewing pleasure, peep Nicki’s transformation from Itty Biggy Piggy to her current chart topper Pills N’ Potions.

Itty Bitty Piggy cypher

5 Star Chick Remix

Up Out My Face

Your Love

Super Bass

Moment For Life

Beez In The Trap

Pills N Potions

JakeAndPapa Cover Art

FRUSH PICKED: [New R&B] Jake&Papa Drop EP “Athena’s Erotica 2.0″ Exclusive Short Film & Bonus Tracks

R&B singer/songwriters Jake&Papa just dropped their highly anticipated EP Athena’s Erotica 2.0 on iTunes. This project is the sequel to their previous project released last March and features four fresh bonus tracks, including collaborations with West Coast rappers Skeme and D.U.B.B., both of whom were recently signed to The Game’s Blood Money Entertainment.

Along with the their 14-track EP, Jake&Papa have created an exclusive short film for their fans as a visual to four of their tracks — “All Night Long”, “F*ck My Soul”, “Basement Party” Ft. D.U.B.B., and “I Give In”. The Athena’s Erotica 2.0 Short Film video tells the story of the many temptations that come from working in the industry by expressing Jake&Papa‘s experiences and similar situations. There are also quite a few familiar faces in the video as special guest appearances were made by some of the business’s hottest personalities such as DJ Carisma of Power 106, DJ Hed, The Skee TV Crew, DJ Looney, Chuck Dizzle of Homegrown Radio, and more.

Jake&Papa are two soulful Los Angeles brothers look forward to bringing R&B back into the game by introducing their sensual and sexual sounds in addition to bringing back the beautiful side to sex. The duo has even been nicknamed “the 2014 version of Jodeci” with their dark heavy-hitting production, ambient harmonies, and raw sultry vocals. Past collaborations include heavy hitters such as R. Kelly, Ne-Yo, Fabolous and more. Along with hitting the stages all over LA and across the nation, these ASCAP-artists have also performed for Stevie Wonder, and the late-great Michael Jackson.

[WATCH] Jake&Papa – “Athena’s Erotica 2.0″ A Short Film:
Twitter: @JakeAndPapa
Instagram: @JakeAndPapa

Shanell aka SNL’s Nobody’s B*tch 2 – “I Wanted To Show The Different Types Of People That Are Nobody’s B*tch”

Could you use some new summer tunes? Tired of listening to the radio? Ready to get some uncensored music into your playlists?

Today, check out Young Money’s Shanell aka SnL’s top five reasons to pick up her new Nobody’s B*tch 2 mixtape! [Make sure to read each reason to download your own copy!]

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FRUSH Pick – HERCULES Fashion & Beauty

Hercules-29While we all know Dwayne Johnson is prime time eye candy for the ladies in Hercules, one element that deserves a second look is the fashion featured in Brett Ratner’s epic action film. Megara, played by the gorgeous Irina Shayk dons gorgeous grecian frocks complete with chiffon, tulle braiding and gold accessories. To complete her look, Irina’s hair was pulled back into a loosely curled updo to accentuate her features. Think this look only exists in the movies? Think again! Take a look at a modern spin on the grecian classics. Now you’re ready to meet Hercules!

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